S000P13 Love is letting go


Wife of a twinflame My husband recently got to know his twinflame. He is an old soul and is in his last earthly life, including his twinflame. The situation is unacceptable to him, he fiercely opposes the injustice that causes this uncertainty, infatuation and attraction. Our relationship is very good and close, the love between us is strong and the understanding towards each other too. It is precisely from that bond that we have that his resistance comes while he knows that it is precisely this resistance that hollows him out and empties him. He feels that by what he feels he betrays me. This is not how I feel, it hurts to know that despite our strong love, our society will come to an end but our bond and love will never end. For such an old soul there is no escaping the fusion of the 2 energies, that is precisely what must happen. Souls are shared before they incarnate in a male and female energy, they will seek each other in every life. Because of the many lives the knowledge of these twinflames is attuned to each other and through fusion they are capable of great deeds, helping fellow human beings. This is not the case for twinflames of a younger age, they can make their soul love coexist with their earthly love for their partner, for many twinflames it is not the time to merge. Each of us has a twinflame and when you encounter it, everyone has the same problem if you don’t understand what that means. I forced my husband to open up and get out of negativity, he must come to the realization step by step, you cannot make a decision unless you first give in to the love of soul. Together we will work this out, as I indicated earlier, our bond and love will only change the earthly life. Of course I am saddened by this but my love for him gives me the strength to let him come into his happiness. It is what it is,love is letting go, even what is most dear to you. To hold on is to raise your ego and yourself higher than the other, but especially the Cosmos and humanity you think you can make suitable to your own desires and will. Ultimately, you are the only one who gets the negative effect of that. Honesty, openness, understanding, processing, talking and respect for each other are basic things to be able to continue if you end up in such a situation. Remember that it happens to the twinflames, they do not ask for this, but it happens to you too, and the twinflame must also recognize and accept that it is not only their concern. In addition, realize that it can happen to you as a partner of a twinflame, meeting your own twinflame.