S000P09 Do I have to release it? Or should I fight for him?


Two years ago I met someone, and from the first moment we saw each other, it was like you already knew each other. We were both shocked by that, it took a while that we dared to admit that we were in love with each other. Now, 2 years later, he has met someone who told him that he and she are each other’s Twin Souls. He has to find out what this is exactly, and I understand that too. At first he had pushed me out of his life but he found out that his love for me is not over, he still loves me, also tells me that what we have together is very special and that he doesn’t lose it He now tells me that he loves both of us and yet I have the feeling that I am pulling the short straw. Can someone tell me? whether I have to let him go because he has met his Twin Soul and has such strong feelings for it? Or, may and can I fight for him, because I know what he and I have together, even though we are not Twin Souls, is very strong, we miss each other so much, we cannot live without each other.

Dear stranger, I would fight for your love, despite that soul love. My husband let me go, I lived with my soul love for 5 weeks and then decided that I could take better care of my children with my own husband and I missed him too. An Avatar course also gave me a completely different view of twinflames . Your path to love does not have to be with your twinflame, it only shows you unconditional love, for everyone, not just for your twinflame. (Tiny db)

Hello I also have a soul love or actually I call it soulmate. I met him 5 years ago in September 2001, I was single and he was married (still) we ran into each other that night and there was something that pulled us together that night. We talked and danced in one piece. I felt very calm and trusted him 100%. I hadn’t had that feeling since the beginning of that year after my boyfriend had cheated on me with someone else and I built a big wall around me. He broke through that wall without difficulty. We felt that we had known each other for years. He asked me the phone number which I gave without hesitation.2 days later he called if he could come by. At first I doubted but my feeling said it was okay. And that same afternoon a colleague of mine called on that medium, and she asked me if I had met someone and I said yes but that is not because he is married, And she said that is true because it is your soul love, he is currently in a phase that he doubts his marriage and you is going to help him to get rid of those doubts. I myself had been married and thought that I had done too little to save it. We talked plainly that night, it didn’t end, it felt good and he said; when i came in it was like i came home and he still has that. We felt a lot for each other but knew that we had nothing to do with it. And a year later I got to know my husband and I immediately told about my soul love, he was not bothered. We are now four years further and now my soul love has a daughter and is happy with his wife. There is a lot of misunderstanding when I tell about my soul love, people immediately think of cheating and so on but that never happened and does not happen either. We have a lot in common our daughters care five months and have practically the same names it saves a letter, I now have a son and his wife was at the same time pregnant with me but it went wrong with her, with our daughters it was the other way around, then I got a miscarriage and he called the moment I left the hospital and just knew about the miscarriage. I had a son in April and my son’s name is his brother’s name and we had another name in mind and that was the name of his brother’s son. That is no longer a coincidence. I know my husband is having a hard time but we can’t let go of each other, we care too much about each other and we just want to know if things are going well in our lives and that we are happy, that’s all we want to know about each other. That is very normal if you care about someone (a soul love)