Q1410. Could it be that he is it?


Three years ago I went to the media market where he gave a living room concert with his band as a guitarist. I never found him interesting before and I didn’t go there for him either. I was with two of my children and we first went to the cinema and then to watch them. The moment they came in and sat down, my attention immediately went to him and he to me too. While playing he regularly looked my way and I automatically returned. At least he was wearing sunglasses so I couldn’t see if his eyes crossed my eyes but I could feel his look. After they had finished playing, they got up and at that moment he turned his sunglasses with his whole body and face to me and looked straight into my eyes. At that moment time stood still for a moment, it felt like minutes while it was just seconds. Since then he has never been out of my mind, my whole world has been turned upside down and my current relationship has been blown up because I could no longer express my love to my partner. This person also has his own band in which he sings and half a year after our meeting he released a new CD and the lyrics in three songs are so recognizable to me because what he sings about is exactly what I experienced with him who day. My heart says he is my twinflame, but my mind says that I should not be so stupid because he is a “reasonably” well-known person. He was also less then than now. I don’t know anymore, and I can’t ask him, I don’t dare. I am afraid that I am making a fool of myself. That is probably ego but he is known so there are more women who say that of course. I would like to answer this.