Q1409. Twinflame or crush that got out of hand?


To make a long story short, I met someone who still haunts my head … it drives me crazy because it seems like I can’t put her out of my head. The strange thing is that we never really got to know each other well, but still that person made such an immense impression on me, I don’t understand anything. Now I thought it would be resolved if I didn’t see her anymore because I went to live in a different city, well thought wrong, it only got worse .. I went to investigate many different psychics / mediums who all gave different insights of which two said it is your twinflame, most said it was not right that it was was only a soul connection or told that there was nothing at all, or that it is a process that you cannot capture and therefore could not confirm whether it is my twinflame. In short, I am still not sure .. I recognize some of the key features that are described as twinflames. Only this also seems to occur with normal soul connections? the feeling that I get with her is very mixed, I feel anxious and insecure (afraid that she can see through me), at the same time also a kind of crush but on a level that I have experienced once more and it still feels different. It seems like I know her very well, but at the same time I don’t, when she looks at me “in the eyes” I feel very warm but also very naked. And if we worked together it works fine as long as we don’t communicate, when we try to talk it goes wrong (this is partly due to the language barrier). I want her attention but still I want to keep her at a distance when I think of her I feel sad one time and very nice the next. I also experienced the collaboration as a sort of tug of war. It was also difficult because we were kept apart by someone else. I hope someone can give me an answer because I don’t understand much of it myself .. thanks