Q1384. Could it be that you both know that you are each other’s twin, but that you never come together and never have contact again?


January 1, 2002 I met my twin for the first time. I was not yet aware that he was my twin, but I thought he was very special. At that moment I thought he thought me strange and strange (which I could not disagree with because I then declared him completely in love with my nature hihi), but it turned out that he immediately felt the same to me . He also always asked my “girlfriend” if she wanted to ask me if I wanted to meet him. However, she never said this to me. So I knew nothing. I came across him again in July 2003. We talked about this then and at that moment fear came to me and I started to reject it. Pretty soon I came back to my positive (so to speak) but he started to reject me, which I also understand given my behavior for that. We have never really had a relationship, but have continued to revolve around each other. I saw him for the last time in July 2005. When I said goodbye I knew it would be a very long time before I would see him again. And there was also the fear that I would never see him again. While at that time there was no reason at all. Unfortunately I have felt this well because from that moment there has been no contact. However, he has never been out of my mind, and I have always had the conviction that we would come together again. At the beginning of this year (2015) I started looking for him on Facebook and found out that he now lives on the other side of the world, (he also comes from) is married, has a child and a second coming. Of course this science hurt me a lot but I am also very happy that he has children. I know how important this is for him. The stupid thing is that I told him at the time that we would have a white, blond boy with floppy ears. And he does indeed have a blond, white guy with cute flaps haha. While he and his wife both have black hair. And his wife even has a dark skin color. I told him that as a child I already dreamed of living in a country where there is a lot of green, there are mountains and rivers and it is often foggy. On his profile picture he stands on a green mountain by a river in the fog with a t-shirt on with a text on it that (to me feel) relates to me. And so there are more photos on it that I “understand”. I also remember that in 2007 on his birthday I suddenly had an inexplicable urge to call him (anonymously) and let the phone ring once. I did this too. Since 2013 my phone rings 1x on my birthday. Maybe I am crazy but I have a strong feeling that he is this. I do not intend to contact him myself because I do not want to disturb his happiness or something. But I also cannot escape the feeling that he also has the feeling that we belong together.
After this long introduction (Sorry about that) now my question. Could it be that you both know that you are each other’s twin, but that you never come together and never have contact again? I hope someone can answer this. Thanks in any case for reading my story.