Q1383. Letting go?


I have known my twinflame for three years now. We are both in a relationship. He has a driving school and I feel that he will never choose me because he is financially tied to her. I almost went under because I pushed it too much. I have always tried to let him go until I received a blunt app from him and the size was full for me. I felt that I was being sucked empty by him. I ignore him now and try to distance myself. I’m working on acupuncture and have the impression that it gives me peace. Yet he remains in my mind. I also know that he is engaged in his ‘struggle’. Could it be that now that I ignore him, he will find his way back to me? I love him and that will never change. It’s the doubt that bothers me. How should I handle this? He never said he loves me but I see and feel that it is so. To give an example: Now that I ignore him, he has driven down the street with his lesson car several times while he has nothing to look for here. Does he feel when I send him light, love and warmth?