Q1381. Why does one always have so much pain?


Why does the person who rejects it always have it better than the other? First he says that he loves me dearly and is afraid of losing me and then he repels me out of fear. Mr. is WEATHER on dating sites and has a date soon. He is not interested in how I feel about it. His feelings for me are completely blocked and it now seems like a narcissist. I’m having fun with a blockade that I can’t surrender to another man, and sir, he likes hanging out the bachelor. I do not accept this behavior. How can I now accept what he does ?? The next time, just like now, he does it again! He doesn’t seem to be learning this lesson. I try to let go, but energetically I feel it very strong, … I go through this below. How do I get through this horrible pain?

Answer 1
I understand you all too well. For me it is also the second time that my twin fled in a different relationship and I have also had a lot of grief, cannot describe how much this hurts. But now last weekend he started talking to me again but I leave the initiative to him. I also had to ‘let go’. But if he’s your twin, he’ll come back no matter how much he hurts you. A lot of courage.

Answer 2
He must also continue with his life. If you continue to choose your husband and not your twinflame then what does he have to do? You can’t keep feeling apart year after year without anything happening. He has gone through the same process as you, he knows all about it. He cares deeply for you and does not want to hurt you for your feelings. But if you do not see that he is the one for you, problems will continue to arise.

Answer 3
Soul love reminds us who we are, who we have been all this time, and what needs to be changed to become the person we really are deep inside. Soul love is so much about caring for each other that you give each other the space to grow further. Being honest with each other and holding up a mirror to important learning moments in life. The beauty of soul love is that it always comes back, it has no end, it will always exist.