Q1375. Only an eye for my Twin Soul?


I have known my twinflame for a year now and I have recently had peace of mind that we cannot (yet) enter into an earthly love affair. Because I’m simply not ready for it yet. I do, however, need a relationship, but I also know very deeply that only he has the energy that fits me perfectly. When I meet up with other men, this always feels a bit like a waste of energy (I am also highly sensitive) and after that I am really only sad because I miss my twinflame. I find this rather frustrating. Especially since it looks like he has no trouble dating other women. Does anyone have tips?

Answer 1
You are much further than your twinflame. You know what you feel and what you want. Your twinflame is still “searching” in what it exactly wants. Your twinflame does not yet feel the same connection that you feel. Your twinflame can get rid of this faster. He must go through his process, just as you must go through your path. Think where he has mirrored you. What do you want from those men? Do you also want extra attention and confirmation? Walk your path, it will follow automatically.