Q1372. Do soulmates come together as a couple?


Do you notice when your soulmate thinks of you and do we come together as a couple again?

Answer 1
I regularly feel that she is thinking of me, and I am also thinking of her. We are fused together and are intertwined forever even after death, the transition.

Answer 2
that depends entirely on the situation itself, and also on whether it is the intention in this life … and sometimes it is so, that you lose sight of each other and then come across woe later .. it cannot be compared to each other .

Answer 3
I think you should answer that. That is because you feel the best. Trust your feeling!

Answer 4
When I think of my twinflame, I get a tickle on my head later. It really depends on your soul mission whether or not you come together. Don’t worry, if it has to be this way it will happen and if not then something much nicer will come your way. Be positive and trust your own path.