Q1370. I don’t know what to do with it?


Hi everyone, I have known my twinflame for 7 months now and in the beginning he always wanted to see me, he made an effort and it was very nice together .. Since 3 months it is different and I have contacted him twice broken! This is definitely not what I want but it feels like I have no other choice. He tells me that his feelings are dead to the people around him, he is cold-blooded and is going to hurt me and that he does not want to hurt me! I have the idea that he consciously says things to me to hurt and scare me .. Because of course I stay at a distance and I can’t remove his masks from him .. So I no longer have contact with him but I break the loss of what I feel and I can no longer concentrate on anything and lose all joy in the things around me! This separation is probably part of the process of growing, but I notice that I cannot deal with it and I want to see it again! I’m just afraid that I’ll end up in that circle again.

Answer 1
Hello, I know what you are feeling. You feel amputated and it hurts. What I hold fast to is that soul love is not a person but an experience. We are each other’s mirrors for the purpose of growing. I am a man and have known for 6 months that my old colleague is my twinflame. I also shared this with her. Since then I haven’t heard from her anymore … which hurt. She is scared and anxious, but I know that we will meet again and let her go now .. Jerking is only counterproductive .. I feel her presence and love regularly and yes I am married too. So it’s hard … but let it go and see what you can say hello to. You should actually mirror the love you feel for your twinflame to yourself. Love and a lot of strength, because sometimes your heart cries … (M.)