Q1367. What does this mean?


First and foremost I am very happy that I came across this site, I have read a lot here, I always notice that most people who meet their soulmate or twinflame have married here or have a boyfriend / girlfriend. And that it seems more drama here than how I feel it. Since September I have been in contact with my soulmate via chat, (some doubt whether he is my twinflame although that becomes clear). It actually started very innocently, with normal questions, with the difference that I now realize that it had to be that way, he came on a very special day in my life, namely the day that my mother died 2 years, this is no coincidence because coincidence does not exist. My puzzle is slowly falling apart. Soon we both looked forward to our conversations, the attraction between us is huge, I discovered that we were in each other’s minds through telepathy, sometimes seriously concentrated that he walked in. We have not yet met, who was postponed due to illness, contact was also quiet, he was still there but not so constantly anymore, he sends his last message to me at the beginning of February (not the least, he said he told me) we would never have forgotten our meeting, how we are going to experience it, so far chat is still silent and telepathy is also less, yet he feels it, since a week I use a different ritual to wish him sleep , notice that he goes offline a little later, but now to the heart of the matter, I take my bath last Friday, I call it time, I also empty my head every time and that works very well. Until Friday I suddenly shoot with his name so clearly through my clinic, I was so shocked by this! Since then a very warm feeling that spreads through my body, a very special feeling. Does this mean that he is ready to go further, will contact us and that we can also realize our meeting? many greetings anonymously

Answer 1
Hello anonymous, what this means is that the universe is working. I have the same thing I often come across the same car that my twinflame has, trucks with her name as a license plate. Meant that it is not ready and it prepares you for a next meeting when it is, you do not know. The feeling of lack is terrible … your heart is tearing in two, as it were … But has a purpose, you do not miss your twinflame at that moment , misses the connection with your higher self … You can also mirror the love you feel on yourself so that you clear away the missing pieces that you have to heal … Watch out that you do not give away too much of yourself, I have already done it twice and want that I no longer.