Q1364. What if one does not want to transform?


Perhaps a somewhat difficult question, but I am in the phase that I am growing enormously and want to grow, with all the emotions that that entails. My soul love, on the other hand, is now immensely in ego and uncertainty and I am trying to find a human answer for everything. Feel that he is now deals with people who are more likely to pull him down or stagnate. Recently I mirrored him terribly and he also mirrored me, but now I am a step further by meditating, etc. When I feel like I feel little difference and I still feel a lot of head / ego piece. he doesn’t dare. How do you do that if your soul love / buddy doesn’t want to look in the mirror? and but remains in the head. I myself was also in ego but through my meditation I can open my heart again. Are you saying girl let go? because he ignores me, How can I best position myself?

Answer 1
I am in the same boat and I think you can focus on yourself. I do it too and it works much better because everything my twinflame is doing now is to hurt me or at least load everything on me. And do you want to hurt yourself? After two months at last I am no longer responding to him that his hurt ego is not making me happy, I have my path, God has a path for everyone and I understand that I can learn to trust that everything will be fine and I will take control really out of your hands. Whatever I say to my twinflame he is not listening. Don’t let it hurt you, it is actually the message of twinflame self-love!