Q1360. How to stay together with your soul love?


I think, given the characteristics and feeling that I have found my soul love. Unfortunately, the situation in which we chose each other was very difficult and still. Many problems that make it difficult to be together and ultimately to live together. Now it’s over. Many quarrels because of the situation but actually because of everything. I feel that we are made for each other. If we are soul lovers of each other, how can we ensure (should we ever come together again) how we can continue. For years, before we chose each other, we met all the characteristics and also the beginning of our relationship. We seemed to have lost it later. Throughout the situation. Too much consideration for others takes too many difficulties around us and throughout the situation. It was a very difficult situation and yet we had opted for each other. All difficulties have now removed such a thing, but by letting each other have events, they can be the same again for each other. I hope we can find us again .. Now it’s over. Too many problems around us. If, in the end, if we have both arranged things and worked on ourselves, what tips do you have to stay together?

Answer 1
If you have had the soul fusion, then yes, the person always remains in your system. Talking is good it makes it 1 and the other clear.