Q1355. That “eternal” uncertainty …?


In 2011 I met him. I probably should have seen him a few times before, but it is that my husband introduced him to me and immediately suggested that he join us on our group vacation. Those eyes … A few weeks later he came to our house, I was about to leave. We looked at each other and something happened from both sides. I recognize you! Since that day he has been in my mind … Only later, in the fall of 2013 a period in which I suddenly had all sorts of clear spiritual experiences, did it occur to me that he might be my twinflame! In the past months I have tucked away a lot but since about two weeks there is no denying it anymore, something is happening to me and he is part of it. I am so happy with this site, what a recognition! So many similarities that it should almost all be the case! The physical complaints that I experience: The extreme fatigue, ringing in my ears, a raa! r feeling in my belly that I thought at first would be the butterflies … It can indeed be described more as an energy field! Sometimes more than usual (he thinks of me) and actually as good as gone when we are together! Also the energy that I have when we are together, as if I can move mountains and sleep I can no longer. But also the lack and the pain when we are not together, indeed the feeling that you are no longer complete … And yes, I also react like a teenage boy when he is with me, knows how to give me any attitude.We are very much in the attracting / rejecting phase. Now I am trying to reverse the roles: I am the one who is going to repel. Last weekend I knew that I would see him, I greeted him and I quickly left again. This gave me such a calm feeling, me! so can it too! In the evening he came to our house spontaneously! Regarding body language, we are the ultimate mirror, almost in sync! Still, the ego, that eternal uncertainty … I see the signals, his name that sometimes pops up several times a day when I am once again uncertain. Yesterday I had twice a (for me) nice sign: When I was wondering again if he really is my twinflame, a truck drove past with his first name on it (at 11:11 am). Last night I asked myself again aloud while I stared at the dark clouds in the sky. The sun started to shine and a rainbow appeared. And yet I doubt everything! Is it really him? Do I have to risk my marriage? Deep in my heart I would rather stay alone than stay in my current relationship. Everything is completely upside down! All the insights of the past few months makes my mind work overtime. My earthly experience will never be the same.

Answer 1
In my eyes, a soul love is the ultimate love. But this does not necessarily mean that there is a future together. That depends on many factors that must come together at the right time. It doesn’t even have to be in this life! I experience exactly the same with my twin. He is me, I am him. I love him unconditionally, but I also know that there is no future together. That hurts a lot. Fortunately, soul love is not the only love that exists. So it doesn’t have to be that you don’t love your husband (although I understand the doubt very well). I experience the soul love as very difficult and heavy while the love for my husband is “simpler”. I wish you a lot of strength!

Answer 2
Thank you for your response. I am the questioner, although of course this was not really a question. It was certainly nice to be able to write down and share my feelings. Fortunately it is all a bit quieter now, but it remains difficult. As you say, coming together is something of the right time and the right place, I now realize that. I know for sure that it is him now. The signs don’t lie (or I make them up myself … :)) Previously I often dreamed about him, searching for him. Now that I have at least accepted it for myself that it is he I still dream about him but as being that he is always somewhere near me, as a matter of courseIn real life, the “eternal” enduring / rejecting. We are taking a small step forward and another two giant steps backwards. Yesterday, on my husband’s birthday, I got a hand without 3 kisses, it’s what Well, time will tell. Thanks again for your response, it’s nice to be able to share our destiny this way.