Q1351. Deepen?


Since about half a year my love and I have been together regularly. I met him a year earlier after a silence of a few years. We have a long past together in which we have often had a “break” for several years. Sometimes he was the runner and the stayer, sometimes the other way around … In the first instance we went really hard, we were so happy! That turned out not to be a good idea, it swallowed us up, there were too many emotions all of a sudden and he then took his distance. There is one thing and another at stake and there was a lot to think about.
So now we have regular contact again but we try not to run too fast and leave space between them. What has struck me lately is that it looks like the picture is being made a sort of “complete”. Hard to explain but the time we spend together seems to always have a different content … as if we go through everything and everything is highlighted 1 by 1 and goes into depth. Very special. I wonder if there are people who recognize this or can tell me what this could be?

Answer 1
It is very slow the process I feel that we are slowly coming together. Sometimes I am so complete that I am just like her and I think I have become a woman. I think there will come a day when I will become her complete and told me. Then the question is whether we want to continue together or not.

Answer 2
This means that you are being prepared for the reunification. But make no mistake; this process can take years. I myself am also in the middle of my twinflame and I know that it will take us more than 20 years before we finally come together. But there is one every day.

Answer 3
We have been working together for years in a virtual relationship. An earthly relationship can be done tomorrow, it’s a choice you make.