Q1350. If I distance myself, do I arouse his interest?


I was married and had a relationship, My Lover never promised me anything and said if it ever comes true I’m gone. It has come true I am divorced. My Lover was gone, Because we were terribly disgraced Even my son had threatened him. Now I have it back, don’t I? He shows interest the sex we have is great. On the other hand I am terribly jealous, I hear nothing from him one day I wonder what does he do and with whom? Is it better if I take some distance? Would I thereby awaken his interest MORE or lose it?

Answer 1
I would not take a distance but would come closer if you really wanted more.

Answer 2
This does not sound like a twinflame band because you talk a lot about ego related things like jealousy, arouse his interest by manipulating. If he really were your twinflame, this would not have happened. Then you would let him go and look at him in love and grant him the world.