Q1346. Develop certainty?


Does anyone recognize that feeling of dire doubt? One day you are absolutely certain and the day after you are no longer at all. Or even every hour, when you suddenly start to doubt whether it is all possible and where is what you feel and what you get on your plate. I wonder, why do I still doubt if I recognize many things I read here? I recognize the feeling of my Twin like no other, logically. But I really felt it, I don’t doubt that. I also get signs regarding the city where he comes from or license plates from cars. Does anyone have tips? Deep down I know he is the one, but I would like tips to stay closer to myself?

Answer 1
Tips for growing closer to yourself than you should do meditation and yoga. Then you are more aware of your own body and I have been doing that for years. Everything is over when you come together then you become together 1 as long as this is not the case this thing continues.

Answer 2
I think you are on the right track, but it just takes some time. And certain doubts can always come back, after all, we are only people. But the certainty will increase, at some point you will find some kind of peace. And that peace and inner certainty will be there even if you doubt rationally.