Q1341 New and uncertain?


I have recently started working on spirituality. This through very intense contact, especially emotionally, with a man. I am so confused by these encounters that I am looking for answers. Maybe I’m completely wrong here. Although everything in my body says not. When I compare the contact with stories about soul twins I get an ooooh moment. The so-called quarter that falls. The only thing I don’t have that everyone’s talking about is the telepathic side. Can someone explain to me what that means exactly? I have never dealt with things like this. I do feel things, I know things, but I don’t know where to put them. For example, suddenly, while I am concentrating on something, I can get a very warm glow (as if you are in love / nervous) and then he suddenly shoots through my head. Or that I suddenly get frightened and 2 seconds later I suddenly see his name somewhere?!? (I have seen that very often lately) Very strange. It should also be said that in the meantime we have been out of contact for a long time, but those feelings (?) Do not fade. I don’t understand what happens.

Answer 1
I would not think too much about it, everyone’s experiences are unique and very personal. Some have a clear telepathic contact – sometimes it is harder to interpret. It is not the same as a direct ‘line’, but it can sometimes come close. You can literally catch things, but you can also, for example, experience emotions that are not yours. In any case, they are often snapshots. The experiences you describe are also very strong for you, over time you will probably experience even more. Get well soon!