Q1335 Who also broke the bond with his or her twinflame?


Since 5 years I know who my twinflame is and there has been an intense time (only emotionally, we have had nothing together). In the meantime I have reached the point that it all costs me too much energy and hurts and that’s why I broke our bond. That means that I no longer look for twinflames, do not seek contact in any way, try to avoid twinflames. That works quite well so far and I finally have peace. But recently someone said that I have closed my heart to love and that it is not good. However, I still feel love for my twinflame but it is tucked away somewhere and it may stay there from me for the time being. It has turned my whole life upside down and I longed for peace. I get it now. What do you think; can it hurt that I have now put everything at a very low level?

Answer 1
The band should never be broken or thwarted, then it comes back 10 times harder. Let it go on a natural way even if you have pain, etc.

Answer 2
I understand exactly what you mean, but I think it is more about breaking contact than about breaking the tape. The bond cannot be broken, you can try that, but it will always turn against you. If you have to or want to let go, you learn to do it in a different way. Taking a distance and letting go is fine if it doesn’t go anywhere anymore at that moment. Don’t feel guilty about it – it is not harmful to you, your soul love or your bond either. It does not have to be that this is definitive, in my personal experience I have had several moments that I dropped the ax, but at a certain point ‘it’ continued. Do what feels right to you right now, what your heart tells you. Good luck!

Answer 3
I have also experienced this. In the beginning it is very difficult and I had terrible crying because of the lack. There is always a tendency to seek contact, to come up with an excuse for this. Rejected after all, gives a lot of peace. His reluctant behavior helped me to distance myself. It’s okay, I’m in peace. Love is deep, but if you can’t do anything with it, you destroy yourself and that doesn’t seem to me the intention. I will always carry his soul with me .. It will be calmer .. believe me .. a lot of strength

Answer 4
Hi, you shouldn’t break this tire or something. Ask yourself why it costs so much energy. Probably because you still have a long spiritual way to go. Learn step by step. The information that your twinflame has given you was too much for you but not impossible to process. Ultimately you will come out stronger here. You have already let go, although you do not literally have to do that. Now think, write down, learn and pick up the tape again. You have to grow. Your twinflame didn’t come into your life for nothing. Greetings.