Q1329 Energetic retention?


I have known my twinflame for over 12 years now. Both a family. I (we) have already gone through many phases. ‘Honeymoon phase’, lasted 6 months, putting on / shedding took 6 years, I think the bridging phase (rest period) is still in the process. I know which mirror he has held out to me and I think I know which one. He actually still ignores me. All these years it has cost me a lot of energy (a lot of sadness and a little bit of joy, mainly in the beginning) I am always the one who first seeks contact (even though I often do not want that, it seems that I am being ‘forced’), he is the runaway. He is contradictory / fickle. I want to go for myself, but notice that he is holding me energetically. I told him once if you don’t want contact, you have to let me go. Apparently he doesn’t succeed. I’m literally tired of it. I don’t want to contact him anymore this way. What can I do?

Answer 1
I recognize your story, it is sometimes so hard to let go. You can’t mentally explain it to yourself, you go beyond limits. It feels like back and forth. I am now in the longest rest period ever. And I will probably give in again in the future. I would say ‘never again’, but I know that is not realistic. Yet I have been holding it up for a while. First of all, I was exhausted, very tired. The rest went without saying. I had to sacrifice a lot for it. Although I also had little choice. It feels like it should go that way. It may sound simple, but when it starts with ‘being tired’ it is easy in the beginning. The moments when you feel weak, you have to watch out for that. And then you can stop yourself. Which is sometimes VERY difficult and you can also feel very sad. I just don’t give myself permission anymore, what I did before. I also find it better for myself and my twinflame, another reason. You will have to consider those considerations for yourself! n every time. It is not easy, sometimes it just keeps on going. And somewhere you have to feel what is best for yourself. And that is also the best for you. I wish you a lot of strength.

Answer 2
Hey, I’m just having the same thing. At first I was able to make a strong decision because I am so angry with his ego body, who is trying to do everything possible to repel me. Il broke off contact, but every night his energy can enter my sleep again. In addition, I have come across him constantly since I met someone new. This is also very difficult by the way, I have the feeling that I can never give it up or let alone let go completely. That connection is too strong. Now I have met someone and that feels good, I especially feel that I need love. But feel so guilty and very confused. Very difficult. And I wish you a lot of strength with your twinflame. You are not alone x