Q1325. Advantages and disadvantages of soul love?


What are the pros and cons for you if it has to do with soul love?

Answer 1
Difficult question! Advantages disadvantages? I found a soulmate and luckily free at the beginning of the contact I also found this website. So I was prepared to let go and that it was coming, although I find it difficult to let him go from time to time. Benefits? I have grown so much spiritually. He gave me something I have never received anywhere else. A bit of luck that I got from him that despite the contact is only nil, I still have it. That special band is something I really cherish. Downside? Predictable but can’t think of anything else, let it go. Of course, I prefer to talk to him regularly, but it shouldn’t be. Emotionally it feels good most of the time, sometimes it hurts and I would really like him back. And this process, no matter how difficult at times,