Q1321. Cure pain?


Can a twinflame be a pain that you had healed for a long time? I had chronic pain somewhere in my body for over a year. I told him about this. I will not go into detail but something has happened between us and it now seems as if the pain has completely disappeared. I can’t quite believe it yet and am afraid it will come back but the place feels very light and free .. could he have done this?

Answer 1
Everything is dissolved in love, including pain.

Answer 2
First: how nice for you, hope the pain stays away! Many people believe in magnetizing and Reiki, so I certainly believe that this is possible. I have never experienced it myself, but I always felt better physically when I was with twin. But sometimes it was at the same time so intense that all sorts of physical complaints also appeared. And then disappeared again when I saw twin. It will be energy that releases things and sometimes has a healing power. And perhaps you yourself feel so good with your twinflame that self-healing occurs.