Q1316 Twin Soul?

I would like to know more about it? About the fate that holds everything back and that the souls come together again? How do you feel? Do you feel that your life is not going how it should go?

Answer 1
You are actually asking a question that cannot be answered. When it comes to matters of the heart, the feeling and the soul, it is difficult to explain. But yes, it feels like destiny an encounter between twinflames. But the feeling itself cannot be explained. And it feels idd if something goes wrong if the outcome is not what you had hoped for. But whether that is true …? The sense of ‘failure’ has, in my opinion, mainly to do with the missing / the pain of not being able to be with your twinflame. That’s a pain you’ll have to get used to. Unfortunately, sometimes that is necessary. But believe me, I can’t explain how and what exactly – but if you experience it yourself, you’ll always ‘feel’ it. Although your mind does not always want to cooperate. (Unknown)