Q1311 After all this time?

After I met my twinflame, my life was completely derailed. Because I used a lot of drugs at the time, it all became too much for me and I was even admitted. When I then had to find myself more and more again because I had completely lost myself, I forgot her. Now that I am a bit firmer in life, she comes back more and more in my thoughts and feelings. On her face book I saw that she met a nice boy. Now I wonder .. is it normal that I am happy for her and that she has made a good choice? This while I am lonely and often sad. Curious about the answer?

Answer 1
Yes, I think it’s normal. Twinflames can sometimes be very happy that half have a stable, loving relationship. Especially if they themselves are not yet ready for a relationship or realize that they are not intended to make a romantic commitment. Which perhaps also applies in your case. I recognize it. But I am glad that you feel such an unconditional love for her after such an intense time. Strength! (Unknown)