Q1304 Difference love and soul love?


I read a lot of stories here and I get the impression that most people have or want a love affair with their twinflame / soul love. But is this so obvious and does one not confuse great passion and feelings of love with soul love here? I don’t doubt the stories of others, but rather my own. I have a very strong bond with someone, we know for sure that this bond exists over several lifetimes and all the characteristics of soul love are recognizable in this friendship. But we do not have a physical love relationship, and that is not the pursuit.

Answer 1
It is of course possible that people confuse feelings of love with soul love. Personally, I think you should know that about yourself. Earthly love is conditional and soul love is unconditional. If you are allowed to experience paranormal events with this person, it can be soul love, but it starts with you. You must find out for yourself whether you are actually experiencing unconditional love with this person. You must find the answer in yourself. (Unknown)

Answer 2
I have no aspirations. I live with what “is”. A bit philosophical maybe but that’s how I feel it. I have my twinflame in my life as a good friend (and I am sure he is my twinflame) and of course I sometimes feel passion, desire for more. But it is not possible due to circumstances and so we do not do it. I do not strive for it, but I also know that circumstances in life can change so that it may / may be possible in the future. I live with the flow and enjoy every moment that he is with me (always so. (Unknown)

Answer 3
I will be honest and admit that I have regularly wondered, so I understand your doubts. Of course there is no guarantee that all people who respond here, ask questions or tell their story have to do with so-called soul love. But apparently they are experiencing a big, strong love at the moment. Whether that is a love that passes or one that is meant for eternity; in the moment it doesn’t matter. If afterwards it was ‘only’ about a violent crush, people will find out. Falling in love cannot cope with time, soul love is. The latter remains, does have rest periods, but flares up unexpectedly and again and again. All your life. Yet my love for soul has different forms in my experience. Even one and the same soul love between two people shows different faces through the course of time. That is possible in any case. Strong love / crush in love squared. Silent periods. Anger. Removal. Separation. And then love again. Passion. Trust. Honesty. And so on. Soul love can certainly be physical if the opportunity presents itself to soul lovers. But I think it is often not the most important thing or that circumstances prevent it. Or that people stop it themselves, because adding the physical / sexual aspect would be ‘too much’ to be able to handle. Sometimes the ‘soul aspect’ is enough, I didn’t even think about it anymore during the beginning of my soul love experience. I was completely satisfied with my connection. The ‘earthly’ sexual at that time could not match that. Only much later did a longer period of physical desire emerge. That was quite a surprise. And now that is still there from time to time. So I think that soul love has many forms. But the spiritual / soul aspect is certainly the most important thing, it is the basis. And love continues and indeed no physical fulfillment is needed for that. Just as no traditional relationship is needed. Or even physical proximity. (Unknown) Just as no traditional relationship is needed. Or even physical proximity. (Unknown) Just as no traditional relationship is needed. Or even physical proximity. (Unknown)