Q1302 Is this my twinflame?


Almost two years ago I met a man on a chat site. I immediately had a huge click with him and I literally thought: this is him. He appeared to have been born elsewhere in the Netherlands, but appeared to have lived in the neighborhood and had once even been in my hometown at a company almost next to my work. He has spent a lot of time abroad in recent years and was just planning to burn all his ships behind him and never return to the Netherlands. He has lived in three foreign cities. He had many issues from his past that he ran away for and is still running for. He told me things he never told anyone. We had very close contact for three months but he had a huge wall around him. We did feel very well together. I had a strong feeling that I had found myself in a male person. Lots of similarities. However, he did not want to meet me. Admitted that we! had a click. I kept thinking: don’t you feel it now? We are meant for each other. The feeling is strong: it’s too early. He is not ready yet. He suddenly broke off contact. He didn’t respond to anything anymore. That time after that I came across those three foreign places everywhere on plates, paintings, in a cookbook, in books or on TV. Series of films that took place there. After a year I suddenly received another chat request from him via another site this summer. I then emailed him why he doesn’t just mail when he wants to contact. A few weeks of mail contact arose again. Very familiar again. After those weeks he disappeared again without saying a word. Now last week I heard from a medium that I am going to meet my twinflame in the near future and I did not know about it at all. I ended up here and wondered: is / was this man my twinflame?

Answer 1
I understand that you want confirmation, but take a deep look inside yourself. Feel. If you feel that this is your twinflame or a special soul love then that is true. Believe your heart. Really a much better indicator than someone who has not experienced this story himself. Lots of light and love! (Unknown)

Answer 2
Dear unknown, I very much appreciate the answer. A few days after I asked the question, I realized that nobody can answer this question for me. In the past few weeks I have done nothing but read about twinflame. A totally new phenomenon for me. But a lot has fallen into place for me. Also the transformation process which I experience very clearly. I no longer doubt. I know it’s him. (Unknown)