Q1299. Do twinflames come together after letting go?


I mainly read about self love and growth in a twinflame relationship and mainly after letting go. It is remarkable that everything I read about twinflames is about separation. And not only here. I have read a lot about it now. Actually, it is a lot of negativity with regard to divorce and reunification / coming together, positivity, is rare. Can we, as people, say something useful about it? I know for sure that ultimately Love will conquer everything and that nothing is certain. We cannot understand the divine plan. I do know for sure that twinflames belong together and that they serve a purpose. In other words, what about the reunification of the twinflames?

Answer 1
It is both positive and negative and it maintains a balance. I think it varies from person to person. Everything comes past your entire past is examined. From that the lessons come that very hard unbearable emotions can be. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Unfortunately, there are indeed more negative than positive messages about the twinflame. The more positive ones are not believed. The notion that misery has to grow is still strong among people. Twinflame is about the joy that one experiences in coming to unity. When you live in oneness you have the choice whether or not to share this with other people (Edmond and Rita).

Answer 3
I do think that being able to let go, as far as possible, has to do with reunification. This is about unconditional love and to understand this love and learn to see its value, the path is not always about roses. Love is being able to let go if that is better for the other. I myself have been traveling with my love for a quarter of a century and we have gone through almost everything. I could write a whole book about it. What we have always been deep and unconditional, but because of the way we have traveled, we now understand it, we know the emptiness that exists when we are divorced and we have learned that there is nothing or nobody who can fill it. It has ensured that we are finally beyond the ego phase and dare to speak to each other. It was often difficult, but what it produced is indescribably beautiful. So in the end a positive story! (I)