Q1298. Can I break the energetic ties with my twins?


My question is after it hit my mind that I want to break the energetic ties with my twinflame. This is because there is actually more negativity between us, sadness, jealousy, anger, fear, pain, and feeling cheated. From here the lesser feelings want to dominate the good ones. He is trying to make love to me energetically and doesn’t want to feel dirty anymore and then used to puke. does anyone have experience with the disconnection? and how can I best do this? once heard that this is even possible with twins so therefore my question dearly

Answer 1
It is a process in a while it can be completely different again. I have had a soul bond with trial and error for 6 years now. He or she is testing you and you have done that to him or that may still be how it works in the soul process. The intention is to bring you closer together. It doesn’t go the way you want it, you should follow it. The one time you think it is going well and the other time you fall hard again and you can start again. I have often experienced it, but sooner or later you will always meet again. (Unknown)

Answer 2
That breaking that takes years it depends that you have gone through the entire process. There is always consultation in the virtual world if you do not want then he must adhere to it. This does not always happen because the soul also has its needs to continue to grow in the process, you will have to go with it because otherwise it will take years for the band to be broken. (Unknown)