Q1293 Am I going crazy?


I would like to thank everyone on this forum in advance. This is such a special place of recognition and compassion. Thanks for that! My heart and soul say that I met my twinflame four years ago. Even before I had physically met her, I felt her energy in a shared friend’s room. I did not know her at the time, but I did feel an energy ‘resonating with my energy’ in the air. A voice told me that I had missed a very important person. It turned out that she had just been in the room a few minutes earlier. A few months later we met in real life and we fell head over heels in love with each other. Because of social, religious and relational obligations, we cannot be together now – and yet there is the feeling that we belong together. We have not seen each other for a long time and when we saw each other again, we fell for each other again, I looked into her eyes and saw (very bizarre) that I have known her for thousands of years. After a period of attraction and disposal, we have now entered a silent period. We told each other that we would no longer contact each other. That is now a few months ago. I miss her very much, want to be with her, but if I follow my heart and soul the consequences will be big and very heavy. For me and for her. I now try to let go of the feeling and the connection, but am still secretly in love and longing for her. It hurts so much, and I can’t really concentrate well. I am already doing self-research and my self-love, but still … What should I do? Does anyone have tips? And am I perhaps wrong and is this just a serious crush? Are I crazy?

Answer 1
No you are not crazy and you must also make sure that you do not !! Encountering a soul love or whatever you want to call it is a very intense event. It happened to me too, but I knew right away that it was not a crush, but that it went much deeper. Such a strong sense of unconditional love with someone I had never seen before is very bizarre. When I discovered a few weeks later / I realized what it was exactly, I really started to delve into it. Read a lot about it and learn how to deal with it. Learn what the intention is. Working on your (spiritual) development. To grow. Only then can you let go of that feeling of being dependent. I CANNOT let go of my FEELING for him. That remains !! He “sits” in me. I always think of him. You stay connected anyway. But continue with your life and especially with your development. And trust the Universe. I just wait and see. We do have mail contact, but I notice that he is still too much in his mind (thinking with his head) and not with his Heart (intuition) And that is just so important !! But everyone follows their own pace. And you must respect that. Good luck. (OFM)

Answer 2
It is really very difficult I have experienced it very strongly myself. (I)

Answer 3
It is really very difficult I have experienced it myself so intensely that process is unbearable. But if you insist then it stops automatically. It is important to do something so that you can change your mind. It is also good to cancel a mantra every day so that you empower yourself in positive thinking. (Unknown)