Q1288 Twinflame or ordinary crush?


I cannot imagine that the people here have all met their “twinflame”. If you can’t choose between partners, then maybe it’s an important soulmate you’ve met. You can’t escape real BIG love. Or people are not honest to themselves and stay with partners out of courtesy and ease.

Answer 1
Or to complete an assignment, see my answer 3 to question 1259. My twin must stay with his partner until she does not want more children. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Soul love is a love that is above all loves. It is frightening and running away and that does not mean that a person is unfair. That soul needs time to learn all life lessons in order to embrace it. It happens to you or it doesn’t happen to you. If the soul love befalls a person with or without his twinflame his life will never be the same again. From beautiful to more beautiful to the ultimate balance! (Unknown)