Q1275 Does it ever pass?


I think it never passes, I have had her in the background for years. After the love of my soul I have moments when my soul just needs her again. My soul probably decides what is good for us. Someday we will come together even if it is in heaven.

Answer 1
I hope for you it will pass once. For me, after seeing him in the eyes six months ago, this is not over yet. I still think about him every day. It eats at me. I hope I can let it go sometime. The amalgamation was fantastic. But I hope that adrealine and thought will stop for him sometime. (RM)

Answer 2
No, it will never end. I can’t tell you why, but I just know, I knew it from the moment I met him. Something intense doesn’t stop, it evolves. I am sometimes very sad about it, but if I stay close to myself and want to learn from it, it is soooo beautiful! (Unknown)