Q1269. I no longer know what to do with such a twinflame?


he comes energetically but when it suits him and if not he blocks me. I feel worthless and not at all important to him, while when I’m there I feel it! el is so different. Know that my jealousy is triggered this way and that it is a little ego. more flows and feel worthless. When I asked him “are we soulmates?” I got mmm don’t know what to call it but you could call it soulmates. And answers like “our souls apparently want something from each other, and still many more things than I think yes is it obvious? .He denied me, now leaves me with a shit feeling, with questions but also with a lot of anger right now. Sometimes there is a kind of hate feeling and sometimes the ultimate feeling. At this moment I haven’t seen him for 5 weeks. Try to rebuild my life a little, but the craving for him and being together again is so great. And then I doubt again, is it true? is he my twinflame? If he says one thing but does the other. Once I am bi! j was we gave each other 6 hugs in a couple of hours. He was so deep once of ‘finally home’. Now feel so worthless and confused. Somehow even used. And yes maybe a perpetrator victim attitude. He loves everyone unconditionally, and he once asked ‘so you don’t love me unconditionally if you are so possessive and jealous. Maybe he has a point there. For me it is so ‘I have found him wants to be with him, with all the setbacks and beautiful things. He does not have the idea. He acts as if he is happily married, but my feeling says no. And the words from months ago with “what is marriage for you? he said nothing to me. I said that I only believe in a spiritual marriage whatever. Who of the people here who have met their twinflames recognize this? Love

Answer 1
I am also the single one in the story. Fortunately my twinflame does recognize the intensity between us. However, he consciously chose his family. I left my family myself. For a very long time, I fanned it. Because I didn’t want to lose it. But in the end I started to see it differently. I only enriched him, but he mainly hindered me. I only felt good with him. And .. yes, of course he lasted 40 years with me, as a twinflame in an affair next to his side. I did something he never expected, precisely because he suddenly started giving me more. I broke off the contact. I wanted to continue my life, and I sincerely thought that he should also be on the blisters of his choice, namely to keep his life with his family first. Super noble of him and I think it is also very good (I am also divorced myself so I know the unpleasant consequences and I could not do what he can). But suddenly I felt very strongly that I should not let him obstruct my life anymore (ok, I did so by admitting him) and I fed his life too much. He didn’t want contact anymore if I didn’t want to. because he could not. And I bravely agreed with no contact. Now three weeks later. And ohoh, we cried a lot and slept a lot. All of a sudden dreams in which we seem to have contact. The connection is continuous from my perspective. However, I feel free again, an empty head and again thoughts on my own life instead of his focused. So it feels good to me. Although on the one hand I hope I will see him again, I think I can’t even handle it now. A look of him in my eyes and I think I start crying or sinking through my legs. I tell myself that I probably won’t see him as long as I can’t handle that yet. Because honestly … have made these earth choices then I trust that my twinflame and I have agreed so! Follow your heart and make sure you know what you are worth yourself, that helped me a lot! (Unknown)