Q1266. He flees in dates?


Since a few months my twin has been on the run in frequent dating with other women. We have tried dating before that time (he 50, I 40), but he said he misses the butterflies, not knowing if that is because he has been locked up for years in a marriage or because I am “his little mirror” or because he is feels no more than friendship. (with which he goes on holiday, says dearly to love me, hugs, is very proud …) I have to make sure that it was a matter of soul love had no less than four readings made by mediums, all four agree that he is my twin (from himself), let go and it will be fine, but I regularly come across him with yet another date and that hurts so much that I no longer know where to look. How do I deal with this? How do I continue my life in the meantime? We are still buddies, although the frequency has been significantly reduced by him. If I say to consider stopping altogether because it hurts me too much, he cries …

Answer 1
You continue your life by trusting that everything that is supposed to be will be … At the right time. Let him date, in the meantime you can focus on your own development and growth. Be grateful that you are buddies and have contact, even if that is painful for you at the moment. Let it go further, in confidence … Strength, love

Answer 2
I feel you. The best advice I can give you is this: let him commit. No matter how much it hurts, release him. He needs this now to find himself and eventually find twin twin love among you. He is your twinflame, you know that for sure. You belong together, but he still has things to work out. Give him the space and he will return to you. Really. Love him with all your heart, at a distance if necessary when he takes away. That is the unconditional love that soul love is all about. If he really is your twin then you can do this. Love

Answer 3
Very recognizable, that is also difficult. If you only knew for sure that he feels the same for you, and that says it once, then it will be easier. Yet just continue with your own life!

Answer 4
Push and pull effect: the more you pull, the more distance he takes. We do not find it easy to let go, but the moment you focus
on your own path, but have expressed the expectation that it will return, it will happen.
Think of it as a dog running away from its owner. If you stand still as the owner, the dog will return again and again …

Answer 5
Very recognizable. I also know my soulmate for many years and he also flees in dates …

Answer 6
I have known my soulmate for years and have lived together before. Unfortunately he now flees in chat and dating with other women, while there is
still contact with me .. I love him and this is very dear to me. He recently had a nasty experience and is still looking for
contacts on the same chat site. I was so angry and disappointed and I really don’t know what to do anymore. The limit has already been
reached for me .

Answer 7
Hello, my twz also wanted friendship while he was with another woman in the meantime. we lived together wonderfully for a year.
I said no to the friendship that I couldn’t possibly handle, I can’t bear that pain.
maybe that’s why I messed up everything, because we no longer have any contact, but still prefer to see him with someone else.

Answer 8
Ha. I not happy married woman met my twinflame last year. After a turbulent year we said goodbye to each other. We cannot continue this way. May we not go further. I’m going to find out what I want with my marriage and he, divorced for 4 years, wants to taste the dating he deserves. But what is between us is so strong to come home so pure that it is so hard for me to let it go. I feel it every day around me in my belly .. Hear him talk he is so present. He has exactly the same feel to me constantly. But we both are not yet ready for each other. pff really has to do with everyone who experiences this ..