Q1265. Confusion?


Hello, I only found out that I have a twinflame, but I have some confusions. One of them is the Ego. If you now become anxious that that person will leave you (separation anxiety) or the doubts that he might not be my twinflame make me crazy. Is this all work of the Ego? And if I fall into fear myself, is it from his or my Ego?

Answer 1
I would not dare say whose fear you feel. I also don’t know if that is really important. My own experience is that my own vulnerability can scare me so sometimes. Then comes the need to walk away from everything, as if I want to avoid my own vulnerability. I think that has not so much to do with ego, but more with lack of confidence. Anxiety is an emotion that adds nothing, it hinders you from enjoying the here and now. The only way to deal with it is to deal with it, to go through it. You can also do that by experiencing in your thoughts what you are afraid of, let those emotions come. At a certain moment you will notice that you are much less afraid of it. When it comes to your soul love you will never lose! Get well soon! Love

Answer 2
How did you find out that he is your twinflame? To answer your questions: yes, the ego does everything to keep you away from your twinflame, to make you believe something else, while your heart already knows what it is like. At those moments, just tell that ego out loud that it must keep its mouth shut. Really helps. And that fear; it can be yours but also the other’s. His ego will shout just as loud. Only when the ego no longer plays a role in both can you possibly come together. That can be a journey of years. Is also in the middle of it yourself.