Q1264. How do you know if you or your soul love is the one who is ‘further’ in the process?


Almost 2 years ago I met my soul love. Both in a relationship. Immediately at the first time he heard his voice, I gained 20 insights that I was unhappy with my life (relationship of 13 years and 2 children) and my behavior (running away, running away, short-term fullfillment). Extensive months with my soul love in which we both could not place the intense feeling and were confused. My father died and 2 weeks later I broke my relationship. My soul love kept me afloat. As time went by, he began to push and pull. He had a clear intention from the start to expand his family. But he didn’t keep me loose. Now almost 2 years later I released him. The intensity of emotions when pushing and pulling impedes me enormously in going further .. And I didn’t want that after all the choices I made for my new happiness. It took a long time before I could do it. He himself feels the same intensity, but is much stronger in my ‘like there’ in his earthly life. I also had a lot of trouble with that and that is why I wanted to break, I cannot see my earthly life and the feeling for my Soul’s love separately. Now I wonder … I have ridden a lot, made many choices and have been brave to let it go and only want to do it because he gives me all the love, but hinders it in contradiction. On the one hand, it feels very wonderful to me that I now know that my head and body are separate from him. But also scary and oppressive. He is working on his goal, his wife is pregnant, and he is sticking to his earthly goals. He accepts much easier (or does that seem?) That we go separately. Who is worse in the development process? I think so, but at the same time I wonder: is that so, maybe I should learn more like him to keep my focus on an earthly life? I’m curious about reactions!

Answer 1
Is it important to know who is “further”? He has to walk his way and you yours. You know things he still needs to learn and vice versa. I have experienced a similar situation and have been able to let it go. Your love will now start something that he will have to finish. It is up to you what you are going to do now. Answers will only come with time, so you can search for that now, but you better ask yourself how you proceed. Live! Learn! The situation forces you to distance yourself and focus your energy on other things. Let it go and turn it into something beautiful! Good luck! Love

Thank you for your response! I really like your answer. I clearly have the choice on which I want to focus my energy. By letting go I started to delve more into ZL, karmic assignments etc. I find it super interesting and I feel very privileged with how my life is going now (even though I find it really hard to let go of my Soul Love, happy it feels like the best thing I can do!) And indeed, it doesn’t matter who else is, he or I, as long as I get what I can get out of it for myself. He must also do it himself. Remains special! (Unknown)

Answer 2
I gave you an answer earlier, always try to sign but that does not always go well. I understand you completely, with the same thing now… Could let him go earlier but it is now a lot harder for me, I am suddenly also very spiritually focused. It will be good for something … we have, however, little choice, no matter how difficult it is. Fortunately we can support each other a bit here. Love