Q1263. Out-of-body? Samensmelting?


Since a good year I feel my twinflame very close to me, in my body actually. In the beginning this scared me off but now I think it is a heavenly feeling, is this what they call fusing together? I only feel this sense of wholeness when I think about him very hard. I used to feel it with me, now really with me. It is a wonderful experience but I have never felt the fusion happen, I have heard you say that you see it in an image or that you feel it, but that was not the case with me. I am now in a very quiet period, for a few years already, but when I focus on him we are 1, so my question was whether that fusion indeed already took place. I also had an experience with a soulmate, but it felt like we were both out of body, with my twin it was at a very large distance and it really feels in the body. What are your experiences with this? Have you ever had a withdrawal if you were lying next to a soulmate? Did you feel a clear difference between twin and soulmate (s)?

Answer 1
I often feel it in my stomach when I meet him. Can really be a brick in my stomach if something is not right or will happen between us. There is sometimes so much tension between us that it makes me almost nasty. It has occurred remarkably often that he makes himself heard when I let him go. We have known each other for a long time, but have mainly had “earthly” contact with each other. We feel each other but this is still growing. I have not understood for a long time and do not want to admit … now that I accept, our spiritual contact seems to be increasing. So I do not have all those experiences of merging, I am happy if I can have a telepathy conversation with him. I can’t give you an answer to the differences you feel between soulmates and twins, and luckily I don’t have any experience with leaving, I find it the way it is already strong enough. Love

Answer 2
I do have experience with the fusion of the souls of my twinflame and me. It happened twice and in the state between sleeping and waking. I felt our souls blend together in a sparkling pink light, and the second time it was purple. Never seen and felt anything so beautiful. The difference with a soulmate is very clear to me; I can compare because I am married to a soulmate and also have a twinflame. They are really two different things. Everything with the twinflame is much more intense, there is a lot of telepathic, I dream a lot about him (rarely about my soulmate) and we feel each other at a distance. It cannot be explained, but it is there.