Q1254. Is this soul love?


Who knows, you can help me. I wonder if this story is about my soul love. I am a woman myself and as far as I know I always fell for men. Until one day I came face to face with a woman who left me with a very special feeling. Later contacted her via Facebook and whatsapp. There were very in-depth conversations about all sorts of things. She even dropped the term twinsoul twice. I was not at home here yet and went to look over it. I continue to find it a very interesting thing now. During the contact, the feelings on both sides got bigger and bigger, although we both didn’t quite know what to do with it. Myself because I don’t normally like women, and she because she just came out of a relationship. The date that we had planned, she canceled because it went too fast. She was afraid that when we saw each other, we would have no way back. I wanted nothing more than to see her. After a little less contact because she wanted to, we picked up the thread again and she admitted that she regularly thought of me. One day, out of the blue, I was blocked on Facebook and whatsapp. A week later I was able to approach her and asked what the reason was. She said that I was a little too close on top of it and that it made her anxious. It was better not to have any contact anymore. This was now (only) 2 weeks ago, but I still think a lot about her every morning, evening and in between. The first meeting (which she did not remember anymore) is only half year ago. Strangely enough, since I contacted her, I have no need for relationship or sex with anyone else. Could this be a normal crush or more than that?