Q1247. Being driven crazy?


Do you ever have the feeling that you are going crazy? Although the clouds are still so dark and it rains so hard the sun always comes through. You go crazy if you think yourself crazy or you have an illness that is also possible. But do not let yourself be fooled, it is just the unknown that you are in. You will come out wiser and stronger over time.

Answer 1
I had the feeling that I was going crazy. Well, also because of all kinds of other circumstances with this (TZ) there too much of the good. I got tired.
That is what happens when someone is in your system. And yes, I have an illness. Being in love, that’s a strange disease!

Answer 2
I sometimes have that insanity, I don’t know where it comes from. But for me it is a matter of biting through and focusing on the moments where you thought confidently and in love of soul. Helps for me and hopefully you too now.