Q1239. Tell a partner?


In fact, I recently accept that having a soulmate is real. I feel like I’m cheating when I am fused. The butterflies that I feel for someone else also feel like cheating. I want to tell my partner, but he is sober as what and doesn’t know if it matters. I can’t find a good time. How do I explain something like that?

Answer 1
Try to follow your feelings here yourself. It is sensible not to talk about souls and the like. An “outsider” who does not know the feeling will not be able to understand this. Explain how the situation between you has changed because you have changed. The words will come to you naturally. Good luck! Gr.
(Alicia S)

Answer 2
I have the same problem and also the same kind of partner. I chose not to tell and I think that this is the right decision for me and for him. He will not understand it and probably start to feel annoyed and insecure about it, and I do not want that because I love him very much. Of course in a different way but still. You probably find it annoying yourself and bad enough otherwise you wouldn’t ask this question so don’t make it harder than it already is and just keep it as a secret to yourself. I am also open and honest about everything and I really don’t like to lie. So understand that it’s pretty hard. But luckily there is this website if you really feel frustrated! Good luck and strength !!

Answer 3
It cannot be explained that he must experience and then you can share it together.
People are rather skeptical with things like that and they will soon make you crazy. Be careful that you bring something out, he is now your friend, but suppose it goes out and he tells his friends that everyone will make you crazy .The only thing with which you can share such a thing is your soul love. Just tell your friend if you’ve never felt anything special that can’t be explained, but don’t comment on it.

Answer 4
I also thought I should tell my partner. But yes … where do you start? Until, after a disagreement, he said that “he couldn’t do any good anymore lately”. Then it was as if I had a little push in my back. So off…. and NOW you have to tell him. My partner is very earthy and sober and he knew that I was not concerned with these things at all, but he listened to my story for 3 hours and saw my emotions. After my story he said he appreciated my openness and honesty very much. And that he knew that there was more between heaven and earth. But he still doesn’t really believe it. And it remains difficult to deal with. He continues to see it as an earthly crush and I see it as a Soul Love. Something from past lives. I have never felt such an unconditional love for someone from nothing. The only thing I want is to talk about it again with my soul love.

Answer 5
Thank you for your responses and support.
I am also very happy that this website exists. At least here I can express myself. By the way, it is very special that despite anonymous messages I can figure out exactly what belongs to him. I am currently living in the release phase, where that crush is becoming less and less. Fewer and fewer emotions rushing through my mind. So I omit telling my partner. I myself had difficulty accepting the existence of a twinflame, let alone my husband understand this. The other side of the line has apparently (apparently) closed. His door is locked, mine ajar.

Answer 6
The reason that your twinflame came into your life has a function .. try to have as much faith and surrender as what you have from your inner knowing about your twinflame. Your partner has also come to you because you can teach him or her the lessons for which the person is on earth. Let it flow, love is oneness with everything around you .. In that flow you experience automatically whether the words come … Live from trust instead of fear.

Answer 7
Are you not afraid now that you have told your earthly partner that the relationship is at stake?
If he thinks it’s a crush, then maybe he thinks you’re secretly cheating. How is his behavior now that you have told him?

Answer 8
My partner knows that I would never do such a thing secretly. Otherwise I wouldn’t have told him the whole story, right? Do you know how intense that is? He even offered to live on his own to give me the space to go to my Soul Love but I felt very strongly that that is NOT (or not yet) the intention. He doesn’t like it but trusts me completely.

Answer 9
I see my twinflame every week and I felt that I should be honest with my partner about this. I talked to her about it for hours, but she doesn’t understand. She gives me the freedom to see my twinflame, but she doesn’t like it at all when I come home after a day of 15 hours and then I withdraw because I need a rest. But she sees that I fully bloom after contact with my twinflame. Hope that in the future I can feel a little bit of love for my partner as I feel for my twinflame. But maybe she won’t be able to keep up with me later. At least I am happy that I don’t have to lie to my partner.