Q1238. twinflame holds up a mirror?


Since January this year I have met my twinflame. Although via the Internet. A live meeting has yet to take place. I have never felt such a deeper connection from within as with him. From our first meeting we have daily contact. There is also such an enormous attraction between us. As if we met in our past lives. He is currently married and that does not always make it easy. He does feel things very well. Now he has confronted me with myself. And he told me what I should work on. They never discussed this with him. How is it possible that he can give me such an assignment?

Answer 1
I think it is a Twin Soul … Twin Souls mirror each other so that you are required to go through a self-development process. An assignment is attached to all Karmic Relations. Gr.
(Alicia S)

Answer 2
Hi dear woman, First of all to say that I absolutely do not want to give the impression that I think it is not about your twinflame. Everyone feels for themselves whether or not this is true and you will know for sure over the years. I would just advise you to take a good look at this situation before you actually make a real appointment. Just to save you a tear drop and a lot of misery. You say it yourself, this man is still married and he meets other women online on the internet. And he tells you that you have to work on yourself. It may be your twinflame, but this man apparently is not that far in his development process either. And the things you think he should work on might be a projection of his own issues.
No matter how bad his marriage may be or whatever explanation he gives you about this, he will first have to solve it for himself before he can point you in the right direction with a finger. Find out for yourself exactly what you want from this man? As you have probably already read on this site, a relationship with your twinflame is often excluded and this person comes into your life to get closer to yourself and to be able to let go of certain things. Never forget your self-esteem and self-esteem, because you deserve much better than a married man who, in the worst case scenario, only wants to use it for his own pleasures, whether that is sex or attention, that doesn’t matter.
This often comes from childhood, for example, a distant or emotionally absent father. I am not saying that this is the case with you but I honestly try to dwell on this just to exclude this. Furthermore, it could also be a karmic relationship that you feel so attracted to him. You could consider visiting a good medium one day, be careful with this, because there are also plenty of fakers around. And look what he has to say about this. Furthermore, it is also useful to look at your relationship / past history, what kind of men you have always attracted and what kind of feeling they gave you. Did they make you feel that you were not good enough? Or did they not respect you? Or should it just come from you? Also here you really have to think about it because maybe you can recognize a pattern here. Also read something about the subject of narcissism and see if you recognize anything of this in this man. Knowledge is not power but power. Find these things first
thoroughly for yourself before continuing with this. And maybe you see things in a different perspective. Again no review just an opinion. Just for the girl power! So wish you lots of strength and good luck on your way!