Q1233. For how long will this continue?


The door is always loose but sometimes it is also closed. But I have always loved you even though the door is closed. We keep coming together but nothing changes between us. Do we see each other in heaven or do you want the heaven on earth. Experiencing the ultimate happiness and being together 1. The choice is yours In any case, the door is always open for you to contact. How long will this continue?

Answer 1
I read and taste your desire to reach heaven on earth with your twinflame, we all recognize that feeling, but … why don’t you contact yourself and make this negotiable? (Unknown)

Answer 2 Contact
is often not made, afraid of the other’s reaction. Destiny often helps to see or hear him / her again. If it takes too long for yourself, contact us globally. If he / she responds negatively, then he / she is not concerned yet (running away from feeling) Follow your feeling when you can contact your soul love or when you can see him / her. (Alicia S)

Answer 3
I came across her later and then I laughed kindly and she waved back, but a little uncertainly. Yes, I wait, but she will contact her if she needs it (Unknown)