Q1220. Astral kiss?


How do you experience the astral kiss with your soul love? I’m addicted to hahah

Answer 1
I often have astral encounters with my twinflame and those kisses are heavenly, just like sex with him. Even though we’ve never done it in real life, I know exactly how it feels to him. In real life we ​​never get further than a few courtesy kisses, but even I can enjoy it intensely. If only he is with me.

Answer 2
I also get astral kisses regularly and they feel so real. I have healthy and kissed and everything with twinflame. But have closed everything off the week. Both it is time for us to work on ourselves and I have a partner .. Last night I thought I was awake but then I lay next to twinflame in bed instead of next to own partner. Then I got a shock and I really woke up in my own bed. this is the 2nd time I experienced this .. Very strange sensation …