Q1217. Long time no see?


You no longer meet each other in dreams but you sometimes feel each other in the background.
What does that do to you?
I experience a great loss myself and I can really notice that something has changed.
Just that I have to start something like that again from the beginning.

Answer 1
I sometimes read about astral encounters and communicating with each other through dreams. Unfortunately I never experience that. I rarely dream about my twinflame. If I dream about twinflame then I am in places where he is but I cannot see him. Or he is angry. I did feel once during the night that my twinflame had a confrontation with a supposed soul love of mine. I don’t think he was so happy that he would visit me.
I don’t see my twinflame in daily life either. So I don’t think I’m missing anything. Maybe when you meet each other in dreams and communicate with each other on the astral level and now suddenly not anymore, that it can be a kind of silence before the storm … that a fierce period is coming. Or that you are supposed to focus on other things than your twinflame?