Q1214. Contact in the real dimension?


I don’t want to live with him. Am happy and blessed with the life I lead with another man. And grateful, also for the fact that he has found someone. But I long so much for ‘that’ contact with him in the real dimension lately. Comeback. That contact is so strong and all-embracing. I just don’t want to hide how special he is for me anymore. The only thing that inhibits me is that I don’t want to ruin his / my life. Is that an illusion? Do we both need it again?

Answer 1
Totally unexpectedly I had a meeting with my twinflame a few years ago. I was in the same situation as you and after several meetings I decided to let my twinflame know. He wants to keep seeing me, but indicates that it is only about pleasure, so I have to deal with that, quite spicy. Advice: count your blessings and let go (see definition of letting go under ‘More‘ on this website). That works best for me. If it has to be that way, it is brought to your path. If you are going to steer yourself, it often has the opposite effect, resulting in unrest, grief, etc. Also for your environment because they often know it unconsciously. Even without self-management, I experience it as a very intense, intense self-awareness process. Wish you a lot of strength with your choice (s)!

Answer 2
No indeed it is a silent wish to marry my twinflame knowing that it may not be at all.

Answer 3
@ant 2, I love you too , love

Answer 4
First answer: Yes, that’s it: let go. This again. Thank you.
Second answer: I feel that the connection we have goes beyond marriage. Why would you want to marry your twinflame?

Answer 5
You are already married to each other virtually. You have been together forever and after death, what is the point in getting married?

Answer 6
Assuming you are talking about your twinflame. Not wanting to hurt others is a knife that cuts both ways. On the one hand you want to be together with your twinflame, on the other hand you want to stay together with your current partner. Dillema! 1. You hurt yourself and your twinflame by not going through life together. 2. You hurt your partner by not giving all the love you have promised him. In other words; you live a compromise.
What do you do with this situation? What do you think you should do? Is the situation in which you find yourself tenable for a long time? All your life? Do
you think there is some spiritual growth in ‘not making a choice’?
We would also like to discuss the meaning of marriage between twinflames. “So above so below” everyone knows. Indeed twinflames are spiritually connected at all times, regardless of the situations in which they find themselves. However, this is not enough in our experience. The soul also wants to feel this connection in matter. When you become aware of your soul there is no longer any question of making choices, you just do it. A marriage is then a confirmation of the Twin Soul Being in this material world. And so we live ‘so above, so below’.
We also know that a marriage as we know it here has no value at all anymore, so twinflames do not marry for the outside world but for themselves. Kind regards

Answer 7
@ answer 6,
What you say is completely true. That’s how I feel myself. I am in the same situation as the person asking the question, with the difference that I do not say / feel that I do not want to live with my twinflame.
I could make a choice, a choice based on how I experience everything. But I don’t know how my twinflame is in it. What his thoughts are about that. Perhaps if you knew that it would be easier for you to make a choice and it would take your doubts away. But is it the intention to make a choice yourself, to do something? Should we not leave it to the universe when it is the right time to come together, and whether that coming together is the intention of the encounter? If I let my soul tell then I know the answer. It would be easy if you could just switch off the ego and act on what the soul wants. In that sense there is growth in not making a choice. Learn to do more from you
feeling to act and learn to listen more to your soul and learn to recognize your ego and become the boss.

Answer 8
@ Reply 7
Once. I am the questioner. What prevents you from asking your twinflame for answers?

Answer 9
@ answer 7.
It’s pretty easy. Communication is the panacea par excellence. First ask if your twinflame is your twinflame. He knows if you know it. According to our experience, both aspects know. If so, the matter will be shot at. If not, just let it go then. When twinflames incarnate, they are aware of it at the meeting. It doesn’t matter how they name it (twinflame or whatever), they both know that they belong together. As for the universe, the Universe indeed provides us with everything we need. Nevertheless, we have to make the choices. Imagine that the Universe must take care of you. You just sit and wait for the care of your body. You put a plate on the table and wait for the food to arrive. You can keep that up for about three or four months. Then it is about time that you search for something to eat yourself. So a wait and see attitude does not work. Choices must be made anyway. When you choose to stay with your current partner, it is also the intention that you do so fully. Not with your thoughts on your twinflame, because then you have not made a choice. Choose your twinflame, we think this is the most obvious choice, just leave everything (BUT THAN EVERYTHING) from the past behind.
It is important that we as people just take everything into consideration. When people say ‘The Universe tells us when it is time for change, they actually mean’ just wait ‘. But when you look at your own experience of waiting, you will have to admit that nothing is happening. The Universe offers the possibilities, but people MUST make the decisions. If it is the wrong decisions, everything runs smoothly. If it is the right one, everything goes so fast that you can barely follow it yourself. If you do not make decisions, everything will remain as it is and always will. The choice is of course with you.
Kind regards,
(Edmond & Rita

Answer 10
You both have another, yet you long for each other. Your souls long for each other and want more action to be taken. It’s not about being able to get his life about hope, it’s about your own life. When are you happy for yourself and which person is sufficient in your life to be truly happy? If you are already here for yourself, he will follow soon. Gr.

Answer 11
Thank you Alicia. It is clear.

Answer 12
Edmond and Rita, indeed. Make choices. Since we are connected, the choices we make will unconsciously bring us closer together
or further apart.

Answer 13
@ answer 8, and also 9, I would like to ask my twinflame for answers. Only it is difficult because we have no earthly contact. And I don’t know where I can reach him. Not much happens on my side through dreams either. So I have a feeling of anticipation, suspicions and this site. I find it hard to trust my feelings completely. If you were in contact then you could ask things, talk about things with each other and I think so much more will become clear. And then it seems easier to make a choice or perhaps better said
to follow my feeling. Asking whether he is my twinflame is superfluous, that is clear and we both know that. I did have that moment of recognition, “this is him”. I am really willing to make a choice, (and I also know that I don’t want to go on all my life), but how should I make a choice if I don’t have contact? As said, the universe offers the possibilities and we humans have to make a decision, but I don’t see the possibilities. They may still have to come, I hope so.