Q1213. Age?

Elselina (Butterfly)

I wonder is how old will most people be here on the site? I am 24. Love

Answer 1
I am 37 and my twinflame is 34.

Answer 2
I am 36 but why do you ask that question is something behind it?

Answer 3
I am 38.

Answer 4
I am 62 and my twinflame is 50.
I have known her for almost 33 years.

Answer 5
I am 32.

Answer 6
I 26 He 27 and have known each other for 6 years, unfortunately

Answer 7
I am 43 my soulmate 37

Answer 8
I am 42, he is 22

Answer 9
I am 53 and my twin is 37, we are 15 1/2 years old in age

Answer 10
my twin and I are both 25 and got to know each other when we were 21. it’s nice to hear someone of the same age because the people I know have all met their twin at an older age

Answer 11
@ant 10 I recognize it thank you for your response, so I also asked the question. I was about 20 when I came into contact with my twinflame, I was about 13 when I met him, much later crossed our paths etc. my twinflame is 26 Love

Answer 12
I am 52 my twinflame 49. We have known each other for 31 years.

Answer 13
I am 56 and he is 41. We have known each other for almost 5 years and were married two years ago.

Answer 14
Age does not matter … it’s what you feel that matters ….
Although the outside world sees it differently …

Answer 15
I am 39 and he is 22 years old we are 17 years old. Is a large age difference at tw normal?