Q1212. What can I do best?


I have known my twinflame for 7 years and have lived together for a short time. But he always returned to me intermittently. Now he is going to make dates via the internet and I was really broken because he belongs to me and I am very sad there is no contact now. I came across him by chance this week. I was very upset and very sad and also because of the recognizable stories of others, the tears jumped in my eyes so recognizable. This man is in my soul.

Answer 1
Even though he has 50 dates with women that he handles all.
He will come to the realization that the love of the soul is the only true one.
The universal key in the divine lock.

Answer 2
Very painful idd. This is just an excuse for him. The other women bring him closer to his feelings, so with you, because he cannot find what he has with you with those other girls. Indicate in a good way your limits that it hurts you. Try not to be too busy with it, no matter how painful, because it keeps him fleeing longer. Gr,

Answer 3
Why won’t you take a second step in her direction? Maybe she doesn’t reject you now, you only know that if you try. Maybe she doesn’t know how to handle it, and then you will always keep turning around each other.

Answer 4
You don’t have contact with her now, I understand?
Yes it is always a bit difficult to contact, you never know if the other person is waiting for that. I have also been in such a situation. I also wanted to contact my twinflame, but firstly I don’t have any data that makes it difficult and secondly, I also thought that my twinflame wasn’t waiting for that. Now I have accepted that we have no contact and may never get it. I think that your happiness does not depend on whether you have twinflames or not, happiness must come from yourself. It might make it a lot more fun and complete if you were in contact with your twinflame. That’s how I feel about it. If my twinflame wanted to contact me I would of course really like that.
I won’t run away, but I also know what it is and I didn’t know that a few years ago. I am really curious what that will be like to have earthly contact. He has 100% sure my address and email address. I have no data at all (only suspicions) so I cannot contact you. Sometimes I hear about such a wish balloon, then I think I’ll buy such a balloon and let the balloon go up with a wish (-: maybe I think it’s more important than I have written above) me now.

Answer 5
Perhaps it is also more fun and exciting that we do not have contact with each other. We already and so on have virtual contact with each other and the creativity with which that happens I cannot compete with in earthly life.
It is no longer anything between us she has a family and everything is well organized. She really does not ruin her life to put everything at stake for me as soul love.
No, I don’t see her for that, we better keep it that way because the environment doesn’t understand it.

Answer 6
Strange, as if someone is still interested, even if it concerns your soul love, to be number 51. I believe that soul love is about self-development and growth and not about finishing as many relationships as possible and then come to the conclusion that there is only 1 divine
key. If I were that divine key, I’d thank for that. Someone who has so little self-esteem is certainly not ready for a soul love, let alone a relationship in any form with his or her soul love.

Response I
totally agree on how you experience soul love. Twinflame relationships are no-claim relationships. The other is not mine, the other belongs to me.
Moreover, soul love is universal love.
So indeed to find out through twin relationships that twinflame belongs to me is nonsense.
Divine love does not need to be tested, then you are indeed hurtfully engaged with universal love and hurtfully engaged with your twinflame in this case.

Thank you for the responses. Your favorite Alicia appealed to me the most. (Unknown)

Answer 7
To put that question first, I was not asked myself, but the person asking the question as an example. Yes it is certainly spiritual self-development but it has been supplemented by your soul love.

Answer 8
@ answer 5,
I don’t find it exciting and more fun not to have contact with my twinflame. It is painful and frustrating. It does not have to be the case that someone has a relationship and even children, that the person has it well done. It can also look better from the outside than it is. Many people put on their social masks. It can be very difficult if you are in a situation like your twinflame and many others and you have met your twinflame, and know that the one is actually the only true one. While you thought you already found the true one.

Reply 9
@ ant8 so I recognize what you write! thank you. I also think it is very unfortunate that twinflames and I do not really have contact. He had no, but he had deleted it. If I send him a text message, I hear that my text message has been sent to me, do I respond to it myself? My twinflame lives together for a while, he was just in a relationship when we came in contact with each other. Imindels is now 4 years old. greeting

Answer 10
Still decided to respond again to answer6 / response6.
May I remind you that soul love is the highest of all loves. Precisely because of fears the runaway is afraid of this intense feeling. Because of fear, the runaway person learns that he / she does not consider themselves good enough. The runaway here goes through dating as an escape for the fears that arise when the runaway opens his / her heart. People think that they are “happy” with a person that the runaway person should not open his heart to. It is precisely because of this that the runaway will once again discover that “something” is missing. On the contrary, the guard must state limits that it is painful to keep some distance or to offer protection. The guard has the most difficult task of accepting that the runaway must go through this piece of process to get closer to his feeling. For the guard this feeling is enormously painful; knife stabs in the heart. If you can easily say goodbye through this process, it has not been a love of soul! Gr.

Answer 11
Dear Alicia, you hit the nail on the head. Thank you for your honest answer.

Answer 12
Thank you Alicia, your answer has helped me a lot. I just miss him a lot. Normally we
no longer spoke to each other now ..

Answer 13
Indeed Alicia I am now also in the guardian position my twinflame has also fled to someone else, for me it is very difficult and painful. I do not have any contact with my twinflame for the moment, even though it is very difficult, I have to do this so that my twinflame realizes that he is wrong. I also try to take good care of myself, but this time it is easier than the next, but this answer gives me courage and hits the nail on the head.