Q1209. The joint work?


Are there twinflames who have found their “joint work” no matter how difficult the whole process is or was? I am very curious about that, also because it is something I miss in all these questions and answers and in almost everything I read about twinflames, while I feel it is pretty essential. Not the type of work itself, but the way you do it and how you can bring each other further and hopefully, if it goes with love, to others.

Answer 1
We find it very strange in itself that when twinflames meet, conflicts arise fairly quickly, while these are completely irrelevant. They are even disturbing when one wants to record a ‘task’. As long as there is disagreement, cooperation (between the twinflames themselves and towards others) is totally impossible. In our experience, helping others further is simply an issue. With twinflames it is first and foremost about bringing the male and female energy into harmony. When they succeed in this, the energy automatically flows to where it is most needed, including to others, without having to make an effort themselves. The information that is then provided is therefore not only about the subject of twinflames, but about everything that is needed for those people at that time.
(Edmond and Rita)

Answer 2
Soul love is mainly about becoming more aware of yourself; your own development. You will first have to love yourself before you can give unconditional love to someone else. A soul love helps her to mirror your fears so that you can process and accept them. By attracting rejection, you will increasingly come to be in one line: Set limits on what you will and will not accept and do not quickly settle because you are afraid that you can get rid of the other person. The more that you go through your own process, the more you will be on the same wavelength as a result of which that unconditional love has been achieved. Gr.