Q1206. Have I lost him now?


For 2 years it has been coming together and then again a complete radio silence but we keep coming together again and again. The love is too strong, the mirrors and confrontations are too intense but we always found each other again. A radio silence lasts on average 3 to 7 weeks. You are always so in your head, so in your ego and have tried everything to let you experience that it can also be different, but then there was a lot of resistance. And now, I get a letter, a letter of thanks, a farewell letter from a radio silence? I don’t know, I don’t know what this is, where this comes from. I also know too little about Christianity and the Bible that you have now fully devoted yourself to. It suddenly feels that I have “lost” you. You talk about me that I belong to your past? It feels like a kind of amputation. I don’t sleep anymore, I hardly function anymore.
anymore… It about what he wants, yes I ‘ve caused a lot of pain to people, the man you new is dying I don t want to be that person no more. I am here for a reason, now I am that reason…. Thank you for waking me up……..