Q1198. Soul love between two women or two men?


Can your twinflame be a woman if you are a woman yourself? There is a fairly large age difference. I think I met her; did not know at first what happened to me. I was completely overwhelmed. I discussed this with her, she says she has this feeling too. My life is completely upside down, I try to make this feeling negotiable with my partner. Is very difficult but I cannot and do not want to block this feeling? Are there people who recognize this? Are soulmates and twinflames always male / female relationships? Because would that mean that if you are gay you can never have a soulmate or twinflame?

Answer 1
Soul love between the same sex is very possible. The soul is genderless. Only unconditional love is important between two soul lovers. When I met my twin I noticed that the erotic appeal is not there at all. I thought that was very strange, because when I am with a woman I feel erotic tensions. I did not feel this with this woman and after about thirty years it still is. I have never loved anyone so much and it still is. I am a man and my twin is a woman.

Answer 2
When you look at images it is always about men and women. Then why is that? It also seems to me that it is possible between man and man or woman. My twin (at least I think so) is a man and he is with a man. I am a woman. For me it feels like a loss in the form of holding and looking in the eyes and talking. The same as that I would no longer see my own child. Fortunately, the latter is not the case. But sometimes it hurts.

Answer 3
My opinion: With twinflames, a comparison is sometimes made with yin yang (female / male). Either way, creating a balance between in twinflames is important. Twinflame relationships with the same sex is not impossible. Often you will notice that there is a distinction in the relationship between male and female (eg woman appears more masculine). I have even heard stories that there was a man and his twinflame are so lesbian. The man believed that she would be converted just as long as she was. Personally, I think it concerns more soul affinity. We are still waiting for the proof Gr.
(Alicia S.)