Q1196. What to do with a soul love that makes things so difficult. You meet each other?


What to do with a soul love that makes things so difficult. You meet each other?

Answer 1
What do you mean by doing difficult? Difficult is that you find it difficult to deal with it seems to me? Then you should learn from this difficult behavior. Then comes something nice to you again … at least my experience.

Answer 2
Always walk away when I come by astral as soul love. Or do not want to talk telepathic. Yes, what should you do with this soul love if she does everything to ignore it. If the 1 does not want you are bound to it forever . We have also known other times but now she ignores me. Why I am going to ask astral again one time haha.

Answer 3
Yes we have to go through that is the soul love process.

Answer 4
When a soul’s love is difficult, it is sometimes better to take a step back yourself. Try to find out what your soul love reflects and try to solve this part of the process for yourself. The difficult part is thereby eliminated. On to the next piece of transformation process. Gr.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 5
Dear Alicia, There you are again! Please write here more often, your insights are always useful! Love,
(A twinflame)

Answer 6
Indeed, answer 5! Nice to read from you again Alicia! Love